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Corrupt Visio file

Started by OmonNaija, May 14, 2008, 08:43:18 AM

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Hello All, I'm new here & that's cos i'm having issues with my visio. Right now, i have a visio file that is sort of corrupt. How i know is cos whenever i click to open it, it comes up with this error messasge " Vision internal error: #3400 Action 1283: Open file First try closing & reopening the file. Next try restarting Visio". When you click ok, another box with this message comes up: "An unspecified error occured". Please can anyone help me in resloving this? Cos i really need to retrieve the contents.



Tried different versions of Visio, or maybe just a different computer?
If the file isn't for a lack of a better word "secret" you could try uploading it, I'll happily give it a try.


Thanks. I'm currently using office 2003 while i backdated my visio to 2000 so would be compactible with my Workstation database.
I've tried opening it using a higher version, it did not work, said the file was corrupt. The file is about 8MB, it'll be difficult to upload


A link to the microsoft site, some trouble shooting for damaged visio files.

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