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Issue: Shape protection, container, and/or layer properties

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I have received a pre-existing Org Chart file created in Visio 2010. It consists of pictures and text.

When the previous person working on the file needed to change a photo, he right-clicked on the group and selected "replace picture". This added an additional new picture rather than replacing the picture. Thus, there are several layers of photos on top of each other and the file size has become very large.

I have been trying to delete the photos underneath to reduce file size and the health of the file. I receive this message after I hit delete on a photo “Shape protection, container, and/or layer properties prevent complete execution of this command.”.

We have tried several things, unsuccessfully, in both 2010 and 2013:

-- Turned on the developer ribbon.
-- Clicked photos and groups and then selected Shape Design/Protection. Nothing was protected.
-- Drawing Explorer window, right-click the name of the drawing, and nothing was protected
-- Turned the "Protection" properties in the shapesheet to "0" and that didn't work either
-- Note: Unable to ungroup items

Any ideas?

Paul Herber:
I'd suggest getting someone to look at the diagram for you, just to get step-by-step instructions on how to do this with your diagram.
Send it to me if you like. No charge.
paul at pherber dot com
If possible send a diagram that hasn't been "played with"!

Paul Herber:
P.S. never ungroup shapes.

Paul Herber:
Here is what to do:
In the drawing explorer window, expand to show the shapes, you will see which ones have multiple photos (there will be more than one of the small yellow photo icons). They will have names like sheet.90. The old, unwanted photos will probably have the lower number.
The protection that needs to be removed is in the shape, so select this in the drawing explorer, right-click, Show Shapesheet, scroll down to Protection turn off Lock Group. Now click on the photo that needs to be removed and delete it. It's probably best to go back and restore the Lock Group protection (not sure how important this is).

Paul Herber:
Actually, I'm interested in how this diagram managed to get more than one photo per position. I've just tried insert/replace image from the menu and when a new image is added the old one gets deleted.


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