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MS Acess generates VISIO with drag and drop capacity l

Started by leslie.viloria, July 08, 2014, 10:45:13 AM

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Please help me, I am a VBA Programmer but not as buff as anybody else. I am in need of advise. I want the database to run on is visio can u advis eme the process and coding, your help is much much appreciated


What do you want to do exactly?

Drop shape on your page and link it with your data?
For that check this page:

You can first import your data from Acces in data,  link data to shape and choose you Access File then a data record is created and from this datarecord you can link the rows to differents shape with a macro. You can then display the data form the shape with either the shapesheet of the shape or the data graphic of the shape
Learn more about datarecord:

I can't help so much without knowing what you precisely want to do.

Best Regards


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