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Unable to center align text

Started by John Distai, July 25, 2014, 01:57:18 PM

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John Distai


I am using Visio 2013.  Recently, I began having this problem where I could no longer center the text in a text shape.  I could right align it or left align it, but I couldn't center it.

Even more puzzling, is that the centering control looks like it is selected.  I can click on it, but it does nothing.  I've attached a picture displaying the state.

Does anyone know how to fix this? 





I am using Visio 2013.
As I look at your piture you are selecting Design Tools.
Is it not in native Visio 2013.
Is it your custom tab?

Quick access tool bar also seems modifyed much.
In this quick access tool bar Align Left button and Align Center button seem both selected.
It would never happen in normal states.
Are they all for horizontal alignment?

Please try centering button in Home tab.
Does it not work?

Best Regards,

Junichi Yoda

John Distai

Thank you for the response regarding the tabs and trying the center portion elsewhere.  I found what was wrong.  User error!

I added some functions to the quick access toolbar.  The one I am mistaking for centering text is not the text centering one.  It is the "middle alignment" feature, not the text centering one.  So, I added the wrong icon initially.

Thank you for helping me to sort that out.



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