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Snap and glue to guides after modifying angle

Started by stephenberkmn, March 26, 2015, 02:11:57 PM

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I'm trying to use guides to align objects for an isometric design. I use the shapesheet to set the angle to -30 and the guide changes, no problem. But now I can't get shapes to snap or glue to the modified guides, though they will snap and glue to unmodified guides. I compared the shapesheets of a modified and unmodified guide and don't see anything different except the x/y location on the sheet. What am I missing here? Is this a bug or just a problem with the end user, aka me?


For 1D shapes there seems to be no difference.
For 2D I can confirm what you write.
However, I've noticed that when you glue a show to a non-rotated guide, that shape stays glued when the guide is rotated afterwards.
Probably a too seldom case to have not noticed it before.


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