Area calc not working

Started by larryg, May 29, 2014, 10:45:35 PM

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working in visio 2010.  Not sure when it stopped, but I do know it use to work.  Both the space shape which shows the area as the shape is resized or the visio add in for perimeter/area no longer work.  Need some urgent help if possible.




Couple of questions come to mind:
  1.  You indicate that the space shape and the add-on used to you have old drawing to check to see if either still works?
  2.  Have you tried other Visio add-ons, e.g., autonumbering?  Do those still work?
  3.  Have you tried to "repair" Visio?

Unfortunately, I don't have V2010.  Do you have an example drawing that you can upload?  Perhaps a V2010 or V2013 user confirm the problem.  I'm assuming the file format is not compatible with V2007.

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