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Started by pepto gecko, December 12, 2008, 03:57:12 PM

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pepto gecko

I'm trying to create a historical timeline (e.g. - 1500 through 1800). The timeline template does not seem to allow me to put in dates in the distant past. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Paul Herber

The dates available to the timeline shapes are limited to what Windows allows as dates, I think 1st of January 1900 is the earliest date that can be used.

A historical/archeological/prehistoric era timeline would be very useful though.

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Paul is correct.  The earliest date is tied to Windows, and cannot do anything before 1/1/1900.  Why anyone would put such a restriction on a timeline feature is beyond me.   ???  If you Google timeline software, there are quite a few out there.  Would seem to be the only option until someone starts smelling the coffee and fixes this debilitating  :o limitation.   :P
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pepto gecko

 :( Alas.

Thanks guys for your quick response.

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