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Hyperlinks, Groups and PDF

Started by zhuravsky, April 21, 2014, 06:15:42 AM

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Hi, all,
I found a strange behavior of hyperlinks:
- I create Visio file with 2 pages and add one shape on each page
- Then I insert hyperlinks into each shape to be able to navigate between pages
- Then I publish this file in PDF format
All hyperlinks work normally in PDF

If instead of simple shape I use any groups then hyperlinks work normally in Visio but do not work in PDF.

Visio 2007.


how are you convert your vsd file to PDF ? and which version of visio are you use ?

in visio 2010 i try both methods: Creatу Adobe PDF and Create PDF/XPS Document. And there group shape hyperlink works correctly/

but when i print your document via virtual printer Adobe Professional, all hyperlinks lose...


Visio 2007 SP3
see attached file (File\Publish as PDF)
did you try my VSD file from the first post?


yes, i download your vsd file and convert to PDF


1. i selected these shape and create new group, convert - > all hyperlinks works correctly.
2. i add new shape and create new group, convert - > all hyperlinks still works correctly !


Probably, this is a bug of Visio 2007

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