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Happy easter!

Started by Yacine, April 18, 2014, 08:45:44 PM

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 At Easter in Germany the kids will search on sunday and monday eggs and sweets that their parent hid in the house.
Even in some parcs and forest you may find sweets.

I thought, I'd send you some Visio eggs to put in your basket.

The interesting task was to make the eggs look like being in the basket instead of just being in front of it.
So I split the basket in a foreground and a background picture and catched the parentchanged event.
In the event handling routine I brought the foreground pic to the front.
That same event allowed also to count the eggs droped in the basket.
Alas I did not find any "previousparent" property. So removing an egg would not decrement the counter.

Happy easter,


Hi Yacine,

Nice job! :)

BTW, does somebody know where this tradition is coming from.. I mean, the Easter Bunny (Osterhase) hiding eggs..
I mean, if you think of it.. A hare?? Why on the earth would a BUNNY hide EGGs from children?? :D
It's cute and all the things.. but anyways.. ? :D

I've heard there may be some ancient pagan religion legend behind?


@Yacine:  Fun!!!  ;D

@Nilolay:  No idea.  Don't think it has religious roots, though.  Search internet???

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@Nikolay, both the hare and the egg are symbols for fertility.
Wikipedia has some nice articles about it.


 :D good image of the basket with eggs .. i appreciate  your effort


My wife does some serious research on the origin of bread shapes and told me that the easter bunny is a mistake, German bakers made bread figures of the Passover Lamb for easter and while rising the "lambs" distorted and looked like bunnies.

I then expect that some parent (much like me) simply told one big whopping lie to the kids to see if they fell for it when their kids asked why they bought bread bunnies.

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And the Bavarian bakers tried to bake erroneous bunny buns and ended up with pretzels!
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