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adding images on-click

Started by, April 18, 2014, 06:14:41 PM

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 ;)   All is good.  Rather not continue making a mistake.  Don't mind admitting when I do.

Now, need to avoid the neighbor...hope SHE doesn't know I stole some flowers!   :o   ;D
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1. put the image on background page
2. Use foreground page with that background
3. code up small boxes over every element....make the no show or use "X" instead of a box
4. for every X, open shapesheet and add controls you want....actions, double click, values, etc

Now when user sees foreground, see image ...places cursor over object, right clicks, double clicks, whatever to see info

Since background is static/mature...probably works well...if background changes alot, then foreground needs updated
(I guess you could get slick and some how define X and Y location of "X" in some table in visio or if background changes,
then just update table)

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