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sandila timing diagram stencil

Started by vojo, May 30, 2014, 01:21:19 PM

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So Paul...just curious ;-) , but

Why wouldn't you make a universal shape to cover most if not all the timing diagram shapes

I.e. something like

Props.pattern = <0000,0011,1100, 1111, etc>

Geometries for all transitions

Gemoetry 1 <sharp low to high>
Geometry 2 <shapr high to low>
Geometry 3 <gradual low to high>
Geometry 4 <gradual high to low>
Geometry 5 <low>
Geometry 6 <high>

user.selectgeo1 = if (props.pattern = 0011, 1,0)
user.selectgeo2 = if (props.pattern = 1100, 1, 0)

Geometry1.noshow = !selectgeo1
Geometry2.noshow = !selectgeo2

Then if somebody wanted write some VBA to create a timing diagram, it would be
   -lay the shapes out
   -plug in the right code per shape

So then could even think about import bit vectors (or modify imported bit vectors) to turn into drawings.

Just curious ;-)

Paul Herber

Hi Vojo, interesting question. However, I can't see many users wanting to write VBA, and for most timing diagrams the exact location of rising/falling edges is important, well, at least, the relation between rising/falling edges and other events is important.
The shapes I have just click together, then you extend them with the mouse to the required length.
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understand your approach...really more of artist approach (manually making drawings) vs eng approach (foundation for tool chain)

was just curious

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