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Visio 2007: Draw Tree diagram with excel file

Started by crisply, March 13, 2014, 05:05:47 AM

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i want to draw the tree diagram with excel data.

I have the excel file formed like below.

As you can see the dept of tree diagram is represented by the row level.

I want to import this data to Visio with forming tree structure.

There are thousands of nodes in the excel data.

So It's impossible draw each node by hand.

I want to draw these nodes automatically.

Is it possible in VISIO 2007??

Thank you in advance.


Maybe u can use/tweak the org chart wizard to generate such a tree, as an org chart has such a tree structure, too.
You may need to adjust the Excel-File, so the org chart wizard can work with this.

The other solution would be to write custom code but that wouldmean some efffort.

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