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Started by calcifer, December 06, 2008, 04:29:37 PM

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Hi all,
I'm using Visio 2003 to draw the stuff, then import it to Word 2003 and finally the documents are converted into pdf format.
My drawings include usually transparent shapes, the problem is, when I try to import it into word via wmf or emf format, the transprent fill seem to be converted into a pixeled grafic with a strange fill.
Lines are fine, colors are correct, the fill without the transparancy is also fine.
It really seems to be that transparent fills do not make it into the wmf files...
Using the clipboard results in the same.

Using a pixel format, like png would work, but the images are somewhat blurry and I can't resize them well later on.

Somebody has an Idea or workaround or sollution to this?

Thanks in advance for your support. :)


I forgot to add some screenshots....

visio_trans.jpg is from the Visio program
pdf_trans.jpg is what I get as a result

the wmf files itself already look like this, its not the doc to pdf conversion....

Best Regards


Try exporting to emf.  At least that worked for me.  Both the Word and PDF file turned out fine.  It was a simple test:  a solid blue rectangle with an overlayed orange, 50% transparent oval.  No strange artifacts.  Office / Visio 2007.
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I do the same thing except put native visio in the word doc....has always worked fine (5+ years).
The only issue I run into is when printing visio or word to pdf, transporent shapes get the strange fill.

Consequently, do it sparingly

Note...also embed in PPT...no problems!!


Yep.  The only reason I didn't mention Visio direct to Word was the PDF issue.  The emf file seems to get around that.  Otherwise, copy/paste Visio directly is better because it allows all of the resizing plus dbl click allows editting in Visio.

Hey!  We're on the same page -- pun intended!    ::)
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thanks for your comments,
I'm glad that it works for you, unfortenately neither emf nor wmf nor copy/paste solved my problem.  :(

Any further hints?

Regards, Calcifer


Don't remember if this is necessary, but in V2003, you might have to do Paste Special, Visio drawing.  At a minimum, your Word document should be fine, since it's a Visio drawing that's embedded.  Converting to PDF is always iffy with fills/transparencies.  The printing could be a driver issue.  The electronic display might be related to video driver and graphics accelerator.  Finally, I vaguely recall some comments that add-ins sometimes create unexpected issues.  I'm pretty much a vanilla guy, so cannot comment on such issues.  But, fundamentally, the Visio into Word, Power Point should work fine.  I do it all the time, it's a fairly common thing to do.
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it seems that the problem really lies within the doc to pdf conversion.
Importing into word as emf or copy/paste works fine, couldn't find any artifacts.
Importing as wmf simply omits the transparencies.
So, I have a new problem.
Does somebody know a good pdf forum or how to get rid of this now??

Thanks a lot for your help so far.