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Snap Problems

Started by tomm, February 17, 2014, 08:04:00 PM

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I started editing a vsd drawing created in Visio 2007.  I cannot find a way to change the endpoints of connectors or lines unless I turn off snap.  I want to terminate a connector onto the end of another connector but with snap on with any "snap to" combination it only snaps to the center of other shapes or to one point on my drawing which appears to be a center point of something undefined.  Is this a bug or a new 2013 operator error?


Paul Herber

Are you sure there isn't some large shape covering the whole page area, it might be hard to find as it might have no fill and no border.
You might need to use the document explorer to find it. Or allow the connector to glue to it then find out what shape it is.
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Yes, I think you have nailed it.  I don't believe this problem arose in 2007 version.  My drawing is a map of sorts and the line (shape) causing the problem was the map border which was digitized off a line in another document.  Is there a simple way to "turn off" this shape so as to eliminate the prob?

Thanks so much for your previous post.

Paul Herber

Set the shape's ObjType = 4. It's not a proper way to do this (I don't think there is an official way to stop a shape being a glue destination) but it does work.
Open the shape's shapesheet to do this.
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Changing to an object type 4 did not seem to make any difference.  I was able to "shrink" the shape giving a problem down to the corner.  It maintains its x/y ratio so I can scale it right back.  Thought I had it but much to my chagrin starts snapping to another center point in another location.  Haven't discovered which shape is the new problems and wondering how many others may cause similar problem.  :(


I must admit part of my problem was not understanding how glue works.  I'm doing better at this point.  Thanks again.

Paul Herber

That might indicate that there is another large shape covering the whole page. Another way to stop snap/glue is to put the shapes onto a different layer and make that layer non-snap/glue.
Electronic and Electrical engineering, business and software stencils for Visio -

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