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Visio 2013 Manually change one page of many from portrait to landscape

Started by klpundt, January 31, 2014, 02:26:33 AM

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Visio 2013 doesn't allow me to re-orient my page using the trick of gripping the top right hand corner of the drawing and dragging it around to the landscape position.  I just want to change one page out of many (from portrait to landscape).  I also have a background page that I need to use for margin borders that gets messed up when I use the "page setup" to change the orientation.  The "Design > Page Setup > Orientation" function doesn't work the same way as clicking the top corner and manually dragging the page around like it did in Visio 2010.  This feature is very important to me.  I use it for every project.

Thank you!

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