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Visio jet outlined in dynamic 3D

Started by cliff50, February 12, 2014, 05:56:30 AM

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This application will draw the outline of a jet.
You may then use the rotation control buttons to interact with the model jet.

Locate both the attached .vsd and .mdb files in a folder on your local drive.
I created using Visio pro 2003 with MS access database backend.

enable macros and references.



here are the visio references you need to activate, to make the model work.

Visio 2003 pro

Tallyho :o


here is a video example attached of the jet flying.

hope it works for you! :)


Really really cool and smart, but not really the right tool for the job.
I'd love to see a 3D Visio.


This concept involves a visio graphic drawing tool with database "backend" to store  dot co-ordinates and the connections between the dots.

Future development, designed into the scope, allows for interogation of the underlying data sets to determine front to back orientation and subsequent rendering of fills.

For the moment, outlines are essentially straight lines between two points. curvatures and perspective are yet to be addressed by the scope.

The method of adding and adjusting dot co-ordinates and lines, and recording them into the underlying data sets provides an avenue for the user to build complex 3D skeletons.

Admitedly, the aircraft's outline reminds me of a "translucent/ invisible jet" and would possibly look more realistic if "Wonder Woman" was in the cockpit. ;D

cheers for now  ::)

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