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Changing Legend shape width and height

Started by turky2912, January 20, 2014, 11:13:04 AM

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Hi everyone. I've been using MS Visio for 6 months, I still don't know a lot but I've been reading this forums for some time and got some very helpfull info.
I'm using MS Visio for making Fire Evacuation plans in my company.

My Q is how can I change height and width of Legend shape found in points of interest stencil? Visio only allowes me to change width of legend shape.

I've allready been googling about it but mostly I found that it can't be done. I find that Legend shape very convenient, coz I just drag and drop a symbol of, for example, Fire blanket and it automatically sizes it in legend shape and I can manually type the description of the symbol.

Can anybody help me or point me in some direction I can find out what can I do? Or how to make my own Legend shape?

Big thanks in advance.

Paul Herber

You can change the shape's width very easily just by dragging the green handle. However, the shape works in association with a hidden addio, it's the addin the controls the legend shape's height, this depends on the number of different shapes being counted (the counting is done by the addon). There is very little you can do to change this. I could tell you how to change the shape's height but whatever you do it would just get overwritten whenever a new shape was added.
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Thank you for your answer, Paul.  I tryed , but it didnt work, still doesnt allow me to change the height. I was messing around Visio and I found a table with some lines of codes for legend shape, so I've seen there something about guardian sheet.. whatever that means.

Well, looks like I'm lost here and will have to make "handmade" legend with simple table.

Such a shame I can't use that shape..  :-\

Paul Herber

I've just replied to your post on the MS forum, change the protection and the height cell.It won't work for long though, as soon as you add or delete a shape the legend addon will overwrite your setting.
Why do you want to change the height? The legend addon always sets the height correctly.
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I want to change it because it is too small. I'm drawing evacuation plan in 1:200 drawing scale. When I put the legend shape and print the paper ( using A3 format), it is really small, too small.

I can upload a drawing if necessary , but I don't think it would be of any use :)

Thanks again for your time!

Paul Herber

Ok, just select the legend shape and select a new tezt size, say, 48pt, then resize the Legend width.
Electronic and Electrical engineering, business and software stencils for Visio -


Ok, I changed the text size, seems it works now, its bigger. As you said, when I add another shape the legend addon overwrites my previosly set settings.

But I still can use it, by putting all the shapes I need in my drawing before adding legend shape. I think it will work just fine, its not a pro' solution but it is better than nothing :)

Thank you, Paul.

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