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Image saved with unwanted background

Started by GeoffR54, October 26, 2013, 03:52:30 AM

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When saving or exporting a graphic to jpg/png format, Visio adds a background to my graphic that increases the dimensions of the graphic, sometimes by 50%. I could use a graphics package to manually remove the margin, to get an image which doesn't waste space with a margin I don't want, but surely there are options somewhere in Visio which allow me to control the background.

Is there a way to control the dimensions of the background Visio adds to a saved/exported image? Ideally, to eliminate it, or reduce the margin to 1 pixel, or make the background the same size as the foreground image?

This problem is occurring in Visio 2013; it didn't occur in previous versions.


More information

I basically have a rectangle shape, 30 mm high, inside of which is text in Segoe Print at 48 pt. When I select this shape and Save As a jpg, I get a border in the jpg at top and bottom that isn't visible in Visio.

I've played with this for a while, and noticed yesterday that if I reduce the font size to 24 pt, I don't get the border, but then the text is too small to be legible when I paste the jpg into my document. At 36 pt, I can see the border in the generated jpg. If I keep increasing the font size, the border increases as well.   

I changed the font to Arial, and got very thin borders. With Verdana I get wider borders, but not as wide as with Segoe Print.

Text block margins and paragraph spacing are all set to zero. Fiddling with the text block size doesn't help.

When saving the shape to jpg format, in the JPG Output Options dialog, if I set the background colour to something like yellow, then the border in the jpg is yellow.

So, it's as if Visio was inserting a background that scaled with the font size, where the background allowed a wide margin around the text.

Very strange.  What I'd like is for Visio to give me a jpg that looks identical to the shape I created, without adding borders that seem to be dependent on the font I use.


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