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Smart Callout Re-visited

Started by wapperdude, November 30, 2013, 06:08:06 PM

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I've re-worked the smart callout previously found on this post:  Rectangular Callout: smart and flexible!;

The right click menu drives everything.  There are now 6 selectable shapes.  Three are generic:  rectangle, oval, triangle, and 3 are specific:  square, circle, equilateral triangle.

While this shape was intended to be a callout, if you set the number of connectors to zero, you get some basic, fundamental shapes as well. 

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On V2007 very weird things happen with the geometry section. You can try them all until you reach the circle option. It gets drawn as an oval instead of a circle. Then all the other shapes don't work anymore.
Wouldn't a group shape be easier to handle?



This was developed on V2007.  I did notice some weird things early on, but had them corrected.  Then I tested and re-tested.  Everything worked.  Will take another look.  Shouldn't be anything weird.

Thanks for finding that.

Watch for an update.

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Looks like there may have been a bad shape on the document stencil.

Anyway, cleaned out the document stencil.  Re-did the drawing from fresh placements.  Tested each shape.  Duplicated shapes and re-tested.  Tried various combinations and sequences of combinations. 

Thanks again for spotting the problem.  :D

Hopefully, this version is clean!!!   >:(

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Absolutely perfect now. Never seen a better callout ;)


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Just an idea:
In Visio 2010, there is a "FlyoutChild" which could allow to make menu more compact (e.g. to make "One", "Two", "Three" into a sub-menu)


I don't do V2010.   :o 

Wapperdude   8)
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