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Assistance with "Show Shape Text"

Started by eltrozel, December 24, 2013, 01:11:51 AM

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Hey Guys,
I am trying to do a Rack Diagram for a server room using Visio 2010 and keep running into a bunch of little problems. This is the next one in the series.

I have downloaded some Oracle Server stencils from the following links: - X-Series and - Oracle-Servers

The issue I am having at the moment is that the shape for the Sparc Enterprise T5120 has the option for Show Shape Text and when I double click on it (Appears in the context menu with a right click), it allows me to add Shape Text. This doesn't work when I attempt if for the Sun Fire X4140 though and I would like to know how I can set up the X4140 Shape the same as the T5120 or what other way I can get that Shape Text working. Here are some screenshots of what I am talking about (T5120 working is first)


Not Working

Bearing in mind that I am simply double clicking on both of them in the same way and they are coming out with different behaviours.
Any help much appreciated, Cheers,


If you just want a simple way to enter text edit mode, then you might want to try using F2 (when the shape is selected).  If you want to change the shape's behavior, including all subsequent based on a particular master then you need to edit the master.  I'm guessing that the first option should do the job - does that help?

You can also add the double-click behavior via the 'Behavior' dialog found on the Developer tab or directly via the ShapeSheet.

Best regards

John Goldsmith - Visio MVP


the issue is probably in the shape design. upload a sample  diagram and it can be checked.


Thanks John, that did assist with my issue regarding ShapeText, based on your information I also found the following link that others may find helpful.

As it turns out what I actually want to do is mess around with Data Graphics and I am now having a bit of an issue with the alignment of my data graphic text in relation to the objects that they are attached to however I will start a separate thread for that.

Cheers for your help.

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