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Showing parallel processes in Visio 2010

Started by prettypix, October 28, 2013, 03:21:39 PM

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Hi, I've just switched to Visio 2010 from an earlier version and I'm missing the "parallel process" shape that allowed me to link one connector to two parallel lines, from which 2 (or more?) connetcors could then emerge to show parallel processes.

Can anyone suggest alternatives to this much-missed shape?


Paul Herber

I've written some words about the flowchart shapes here:

If you have Visio Pro then you could use the UML Fork/Join shapes.

Another option is to use the Open Rectangle shape in the Miscellaneous Flow Chart shapes stencil, reduce the height and it looks just the same as the old Parallel Process shape. If you want you could use the Drawing Explorer window, scroll down to the Masters section, look for the Open Rectangle shape you've just dropped on the page, then rename it as Parallel Process!
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