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Data linking from Excel
« on: March 27, 2014, 01:28:59 AM »
I'm very new to Visio and never attempted any type of data linking in the past. So I am very inexperienced but willing to learn.

I have attached a Visio document, I have created three data tables in the Doc. Each table has more than one data table that I found in the shapes selections, I just nudged the tables next to each other to create tables with more columns.

When I link an excel row to the data table stencil I saved, the data has a line under it and doesn't drag into the cell in my table I have created without some manipulation. I'm thinking that I'm missing something like maybe I should only have one column for each field of data in my Excel table and only drag a single cell or field to my specific cell in the Visio data table I have created.

The Data Tables in my Visio drawing I have attached are not complete in that there is some cells that will have constant data that will not need to be linked and the cells on the Right edge of the Doc. will have more labels tucked into the top Left corners like the first on has. 

I understand that Visio has the ability to show additional data from Excel rows that may not be visible without clicking on the main shape. But my final drawings will only be presented to my clients in printed form. So I only have use for data that will fill into the cells in my data tables in the drawing.

I thought that I could import a finished Excel table that could be sized and take the place of the existing tables I have created in my Doc. but I have not seen a way to do that in Visio.

I have no problem learning what I need to know to accomplish my linking process, but I'm concerned that I may be traveling down the a path that should be altered in some way.

Thank you in advanced for any and all the help and patience you can provide.



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Re: Data linking from Excel
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2014, 04:11:46 AM »
You can simply copy & paste excel tables into visio.

Or you inser an excel sheet as an OLE-Object into Visio so your Visio drawing gets updated if you change somethin in the excel sheet.

The linking of Excel rows to your shapes, that you tried, only put's the information of the excel row inside the shapedata of that shape. You than have to use fields in the textarea of the shapes, to display the values in the shapedata cells. I would say that is to complicated for your scenario.