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Richer Stencil View - Search and Sort

Started by Visio Guy, August 30, 2013, 01:39:36 PM

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Visio Guy

Stencils look a bit like Explorer lists, but are anemic at best.

Often, I know or am fairly sure that a shape is in a given stencil, but I can't find it. Sorting by name, keywords, description, 1D/2D-ness and other attributes would be very useful.

Searching "just this stencil" would also be helpful. I think having all the attributes that Explorer has would be wonderful. There are some applications where stencils should display humongous icons and no text. Other times, just the text, possibly with named groupings is all that is needed (think detailed network equipment). The preferred view should be set-able by the developer and respected until the user overrides it. I think stencil view settings are currently global, but I'd have to double-check.
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