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"On drop" events

Started by kiler40, August 14, 2013, 05:09:04 AM

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Hello everybody!

I`m trying to accomplish something.
I want to assign to a shape "on drop" event. But for the moment nothing happens
I want to drop a shape from a stencil, and the shape automatically to take the page width, and to go on bottom of the page (like footer, but a complex one)

So please - can anyone help ? :)


You are probably making a frame.
In the EventDrop cell you'll write a serie of "setf(getref(" statements, separated by "+".
The setf(getrefs will modify the width, height, pinx and piny cells.
You may also want to protect those cells by guard statements.


Yes, this i have come to solution... but i`m using SETF()&SETF()&....
But how to find the bottom of the page :)

Thanks for the quick response


EventDrop=SETF("width",ThePage!PageWidth)+SETF("piny",ThePage!PageHeight)+SETF("pinx",0 mm)


Thank you. that worked. had to add the page margins por position, and to remove from width 2* pagemargin (because i have to printi it in the end :) )
But thanks.

I have another question, if i have one page in portrait and one page in landscape, if i do the same opraration to send the shape in the top of the page, for portrait works perfect, for landscape sends it in the position of portrait...
can this be fixed ?


try this way please


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