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Useless events firing in Visio 2013?

Started by THartl, August 20, 2013, 08:13:17 AM

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Hello Visio guys,

i was just wondering if anyone else is also noticing the Events firing in Visio 2013, where definitely no Events should be fired.

- When i change a page, i got hundreds and hundreds QueueMarkerEvents which are defined in my EventXFMod cell. First i thought this might be a problem of our addin, but even with a fresh and naked Visio 2013 i can see this Events being fired with the Event Monitoring tool of the SDK.
- Also, when i save a *.vsd file under *.vsdx Format i have an enourmous amount of shapes this EventXFMod QME's fired.

The SDK says "An event cell that is evaluated when a shape's position or orientation on the page is transformed ("XF")." But why has any of this shapes Parameters changed just because i Change the page in my visio document (or when i try to save the document)?

Needless to say, that this Events are not fired when we do the same in Visio 2010, 2007 or 2003.

Of course, this makes an addin, which listen to this Events pretty unusable under Visio 2013. This is why we recommend our customers to NOT use the new Visio 2013. But i really want to know, why it behaves like this and what i can do to prevent this.

Any ideas?

Edit: These Events are only fired once, when i switch page. Once this has happened and i Change to other page and back, they are not fired anymore. On the other Hand, closing the document and doing the same, they are fired again (once).

Edit 2: I have upload a test file for you to see to skydrive:!147&authkey=!AKy_LkSrxU4vygs
When you open the file you will be on page "EG". When you open the Visio 2013 Event Monitor and then Switch to page "OG1" you can see that every shape on this page is firing this Event.

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