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Visio Cross Functional Flowchart not working

Started by brent.fraser, February 05, 2013, 05:01:03 PM

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Morning all,

I have an intererting one that even our IT guy can't figure out.

I created a customized cross-functional flowchart and branded it with out corporate colours and logo. All was working well until I tried to drag the "customized" swimlane into my own stencil I created. After that, every time I try to even open up a new cross functional flow chart, I don't get the option dialog asking if it should be horizontal or vertical. Also, in my template, when I click on one of the swimlanes and hit a CTRL + D to get a new lane, it doesn't attatch it to the ones I already have.

I tried the template on someone else'' computer and it works fine so it is something to do with my settings. My IT guy logged in as him on the admin account and it's working fine for him.

We re-installed Visio on my account/machine and it hasn't helped. Are there any suggestions?

Thanks all...... as I bang my head against the wall once again.....



Is it possible you somehow turned off automation events? I was having a similar issue, and it worked again once I enabled automation events under Options > Advanced.


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