How to arrange visio diagrams on visio page?

Started by sniff_bits, July 01, 2013, 02:21:40 AM

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hi friends,

i'm currently using visio 2013 pro on windows 8. My laptop has a widescreen monitor with the resolution 1366 X 768 and by default it's set to landscape (monitor by windows).
When i compare visio 2007 (which i was using before) with visio 2013 there is huge visible difference with the Diagrams. I typically use visio to draw crow-foot notation diagrams for Databases and UML for software development. In visio 2007 when i create a database table entity it had proper ratio in size with the A4 sheet. But the once that comes with visio 2013 it has entity diagrams that are huge.

Furthermmore the gap between the each attribute is space wasting. please take a look at the diagram i've attached.

1. Is there away to get rid of this wasting gap between the attributes (So it will be like in visio 2007)?
refer to the image to see the problem

2. Is there away to make those Entity diagrams smaller (as in visio 2007)?
refer to the image to see the problem