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Setting zoom mode in Visio 2013 via the registry

Started by stygge, June 26, 2013, 03:35:36 PM

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I have an exe-file that sets ZoomMode and ZoomOnRoll to 1 in the registry. It works fine but when I start Visio 2013 they are set back to 0. The same thing happens if I change the values in the registry manually. I don't have this problem in Visio 2010. A bug?

/Staffan Söderholm

Paul Herber

In Visio 2013 check Options -> Advanced -> General
and see if "Put all settings in Windows Registry" is checked.
If not then Visio 2013 is using its own options settings and ignoring the registry settings.
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Thanks Paul, but it didn't help. I have some other registry keys changed without any problem like TemplatePath, StencilPath and SizePosDisplay. It's only ZoomOnRoll and ZoomMode that Visio changes back to it's original value when started. Also, in Visio 2010 I didn't have this problem.

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