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creating links in network for begginers

Started by kiler40, September 17, 2013, 01:12:54 PM

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Hello folks,
there is something i want to accomplish but i`m not quite sure how to do this... (but it has to be posible)

In the file i have shown my "network".
actually it is an electrical grid with end devices. the numbers are the name of the devices.
Blue line represents the trace/architectural link, and "nods" that i imagine them as "routers"...
i have an excel file that represents the links between the end devices but i don`t have the full trace

emagine it like this

device 100 links with device 200

but represented visually it will be


Ok why i`m asking. I want to rollover my mouse to a edn point and see all it`s links.

I can have the links represented as a interactive GRAPH but at the end looks something like this

and you can imagine, it is a big mess :)

So my question is: is there a way to use this (or of course improved) visio file, to do the visualization of the connection...

Sorry if my question WAS AGAIN not so clear... but i`m new to this things...

Thank you,

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