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How can I change the org chart layout upon import to eliminate nested managers i

Started by robtwood, May 31, 2013, 10:45:13 PM

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I'm building an org chart from an Excel spreadsheet to represent my department's structure.  We have 400+ people in the department, all of whom are listed in an excel spreadsheet.  When I import the spreadsheet, rather than having them all on one page, I specify how much of my organization I want on each page, and break the 400 people into 12 groups based on the senior manager of that group.

The problem I have is that when this process is complete, the junior level managers will be nested.  As an example, we'll have this situation:



           MM1 Direct Report 1
           MM1 Direct Report 2
           MM1 Direct Report 3 (MM1DR3)
                  MM1DR3 Direct Report 1
           MM1 Direct Report 4


           MM2 Direct Report 1
           MM2 Direct Report 2

The end result is that I have an overly-vertical org chart that is only about 4 people wide.  This is difficult to consume, and looks ridiculous, unprofessional, and incomprehensible when printed out.

What I'm wondering is if there is a way to align it so that employees of the same "authority level" are on the same line in the org chart.  Essentially, reading from the top, you see the manager, then their direct reports below them, and then their direct reports below that, etc.  And example is below.


MIDDLE MANAGER 1                                          MIDDLE MANAGER 2
MM1DR1   MM1DR2   MM1DR3                            MM2DR1    MM2DR2
                                 MM1DR3 Direct Report 1

Side note: If the formatting goes sideways, these examples will make no sense.  My apologies if that happened.

What I need is direction on how to reformat the org charts upon import so that they make more sense than the default setup in Visio.  Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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