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Change Places / Switch Places of Shapes

Started by Northern_Gal, May 26, 2013, 12:56:42 AM

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I would like to see an option to switch places with 2 shapes.
I put a Document shape before a Data shape and did not notice immediately.
Now I have info in the shapes and would simply like to select both shapes (Click+Shift+Click) and be able to reverse the order or switch places or whatever.



you have to write your own small macro to do that.

A workarround may be to use the "Size and Position Window" that you could open in the View menu:

Here you select shape 1, strore it's X and Y Position in your mind and then place the shape a little bit to the side.

Select second shape, again save the X and Y position and now replace them with the ones from shape1.

Select shape 1 again and now give it X/Y of shape 2.

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