Converting large ACAD files to VISIO wire shapes

Started by Grey Wolfen, June 11, 2013, 06:56:11 PM

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Grey Wolfen

Anyone out there having Visio 2013 stop working in the middle of converting a 1.5MB ACAD drawing into a Visio wire shape? I import the CAD drawing file (although I have to hunt for the drawing) I right click on the imported CAD data, tell Visio to convert it to a Wire shape, it starts to do the conversion, and then when the process bar is about half way through Visio quits and tells Windows 8 that it stopped responding. Which Windows 8 restarts the program not finding a solution to the problem. Any help that anyone can give on this would be greatly appreciated.
PC= HP Pavilion g7 with core I3 processor and 6G of RAM.
OS= Windows 8 64 bit