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Print ShapeSheet in Visio2010

Started by Surrogate, March 13, 2013, 06:07:00 PM

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Member of our forum, asked there about Print ShapeSheet in this release.

1. I find this post
QuoteView -> Macro -> Addons -> SDK -> Tools -> Print Shapesheet

2. On my PC installed Visio 2010 Professional with russian and english language packets
When i used russian language packet i cann't find Addon SDK in Addons list

If used english language packet i can find Addon SDK in Addons list in Developer and View ribbons

3. But when i clicked by this Addon in Ribbon, Print Shapesheet Addon don't run !


there is you can see that i opened document !


May be this tool doesn't work on my PC because there installed multilanguage Visio2010 ?
QuoteNote The Print ShapeSheet add-on is only available for the English-language version of Visio
This Note i find in article «Printing the ShapeSheet in Microsoft Visio 2002» on MSDN

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