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Visibility of Connection Points in Visio 2010

Started by Jumpy, August 11, 2010, 08:52:45 AM

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Hello all,
finaly started looking into Visio2010 and have a question already:

How can I allways see the Connection points in Visio 2010?
At the View ribbon I checked Connection Points, but they only become visible, if I move a connector near them.
But while editing shapes, I want to see them all the time. What can I do?



It appears this might be a new 'enhancement'. They only stay on for the selected shape on my copy, and not at all if the selected shape is a 1D shape.

Paul Herber

Annoying, isn't it!
Even though you have View -> Connection Points ticked they are still not visible. Bad.
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It goes beyond annoying because many of the network (rack mountable) shapes I use are 1D and now the points to attach cables has disappeared.

Visio Guy

In Visio 2010, you will see connection points in the following conditions.

1. By "feel/Braille" when you mouse around a shape with the Connector tool. You don't actually see them, but the connector-cursor snaps to their locations.
2. If View > Visual Aids > Connection Points is checked, you will see them for a shape when you get near to the shape with the Connector tool.
3. If Connection Points are visible, you will see all connection points for a shape the whole time that you are busy in the shape's ShapeSheet window.

There are solutions that were designed with connection points as a visual cue to users. Now they have to guess and stumble around in the dark hoping to discover connection points.

One example is the []Comic strip frames and layout[/url] by Yacine.

Rack-mounted network diagrams are another major solution. Although rack-mounted stuff can probably be pushed towards containers and lists, but I haven't investigated the necessary rastering/snapping for that yet. Maybe Al or somebody else has?
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Visio Guy

This article might be of interest for this thread:
Connection Point Directions & Types

The tool has code for dropping shapes on connection point locations, which might help developers, if not users.
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Has this been "fixed" in later versions of Visio?


Quote from: YossiD on July 27, 2021, 02:22:09 PM
Has this been "fixed" in later versions of Visio?
No, because it is feature !


I'm curious as to the rationale behind this "feature." But then again I don't understand ribbons vs menus either.


Same logical reasoning applies in all cases.
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