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Started by Paul Herber, August 16, 2012, 09:54:52 AM

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Paul Herber

Visio 2013 is almost upon us! How about a forum to discuss this?
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If anyone is using Visio 2013, I have a couple questions and concerns. I've turned on the "Show more shape handles on hover" feature in options. I hover over a line, and the extra handle appears in the middle between the two vertices. The problem is when I try to drag the handle. As soon as I realse the mouse button, the handle snaps back to its original position. No matter if it's an arc, a freeform line, or a straight line. They all seem to do the same thing. It seems that position is locked. I checked the protection menu and everything is turned off. For what I use Visio for, this is a huge problem. Anybody else encounter this or can verify this?


Have you logged it as an issue on the Connect forum? The feedback really is important.


No I haven't. What is the connect forum? I did use the built-in feedback system in visio 2013 to notify them of the issues. I never heard anything back though.


maybe this will help
problems can be logged and tracked there.

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