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Can't get Xerox 5230 multifunction to print on 11x17

Started by, March 22, 2013, 07:25:38 PM

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hello.  I've come across a problem.  We have a Xerox 5230 miltifunction printer that won't print visio 2013 jobs on 11x17 paper.  the printer will print Word and Excel jobs on 11x17, just not Visio.  I've tried reinstalling the printer driver on the server, no change.  I've removed and reconfirmed the 11x17 form in both the printer and on Visio, no change.  The drawing I was trying to print was created by 2003 so I thought maybe it was a new version not understanding an old version's parameters (hit that with a couple of cad upgrades) so I created a new test drawing, no good, everything prints on legal size paper.  I contacted my hardware provider's helpdesk and we spent 2 hours trying different things.  Went from a PCL6 to a PS driver and back.  We reset the mfd by soft reset and power on reset.  Nothing workd.

Anyone have an idea?

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