Author Topic: How to create better sitting charts  (Read 5635 times)

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How to create better sitting charts
« on: March 21, 2013, 05:32:39 PM »
Hi Guys New guy here
First of all I work at an I.T. department doing all sorts of things (don't we all) one of my responsibilities is to create setting charts for each of our buildings /departments, I done some VERY basic charts with computer stencils and converted the to html to be placed on our intra-net.
Watching some videos I found out that you can create smart shapes and do different things with them, I want to find out if is possible to somehow poll the current logged on user if I assign a computer name to each shape. I'm sure its complicated but wanted to give it a shot.
any suggestions would be appreciated.
BTW I have no experience what so ever on creating databases isn't that most helpful!? haha


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Re: How to create better sitting charts
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