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Visio 2013 and XP

Started by vojo, February 05, 2013, 04:55:20 PM

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Assume, for the sake of argument (dont ask why...answer is too embarrassing to my employer) that somebody is on XP

Would 2013 even launch?   If so, what features/functions would not work?

Paul Herber

I don't think it will even install. Not sure what error message it will give.
I've just done a quick test with one of my own applications and set that to install on Vista/W7/W8 only: Some of the details might be installer dependent. Mine just says 'xx cannot be installed on Windows <version list>, and goes to the dialog finish.
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Office 2010 Will only install on Vista & newer so I wouldn't think Visio 2013 would install on an XP Machine
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That is correct, Visio 2013 won't work on XP.

Nothing embarrassing about XP, most of our company machines are XP and have only recently moved to Office 2007!

I have to support a Visio app on XP, Vista, Win7 and now Win 8 and Visio 2003 (not Win 8), 2007, 2010 and 2013 (not XP).
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