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Visio 2013 - Other file formats that display image NOT icon

Started by vbmichelle, January 07, 2013, 02:34:40 PM

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Paul Herber

Insert -> Image works fine for PNG files, but vbmichelle is using Insert -> Object.
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I understand. Part of it is in fact an issue that should be addressed in that if an object is inserted and 'display as icon' is unchecked, the object should be shown in it's native state. Part of it is a desire on Michelle's part to insert a graphic and not take the performance hit of the real object's size, which cannot be avoided. I have suggested that she take the 'display as icon' forward via a formal report (which may be billable).


If you would be so kind as to try this and let me know what your results are, I'd deeply appreciate it.

This is what we are doing:

File >  Insert > Object
           -Select Create from file
           -Select "Link to file"
           -Select a .png image
           -Verify that "Display as icon" is NOT selected       

When we do these steps the object inserts but it inserts as an icon.  >:(

Do you have a URL to report a bug to MS? If so, I'd really appreciate you forwarding to me.

Thank you.


the attached v2013 drawing has two embedded png drawings. The top one was created and saved with v2013 and inserted using the insert drawing. The bottom png drawing was created using MS Paint and saved. Before attempting to import it as an object  (using paint - from file), I associated png files with paint. I also ran into the icon issue you have been having. To solve that I turned off two add-ins that were associated with Visio. Once the add-ins were disabled the png drawing came in just fine.

so there are two ways to skin this cat.


be aware that since the lower drawing is linked you'll probably get an error (since it's linked to my system)


Hi Al,

out of curiosity. Which Add-ins must be disabled?
I ask because I had the same idea yesterday evening and first associated Paint with PNG and like you in your first try I only got the Icon and below the Icon a text like "Filename" and in brackest sth. like "Command Shortcut".

I thought that this embedding of a picture like I would embed (or link) an Excel-Sheet, or Word-Doc is what's called OLE and I thought which "picture program" could be an OLE-Server and hoped maybe Paint. But was disappointed.


I had two. One was a template that I was working on developing, the other was 3d Visioner which was throwing an occasional error when I tried the import. The version of 3d visioner I have is not supported on v2013, so it should not have been loaded (user error on my part). I suspect part of the issue was the default linking of png to Photoviewer rather than Paint (which is actually in the import object list).
This wasn't my first experience with add-ins interacting with strange results.

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