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Visio 2010 dies from copy/paste

Started by Gunner, February 16, 2012, 07:14:40 PM

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Whenever I try to copy or paste something into Visio, even if it is something I have on the sheet, Visio dies and sometimes automatically tries to restart.  When there is a restart, sometimes the pasted element is there and sometimes not.  On occaision I get a pop-up that says,
     "Visio internal error: #3400
       Action 1021: Copy

       First try closing and reopening the file. Next try restarting Viso."

I've tried that along with reboots, runnig Visio only, and reinstalling Visio.  Nothing has fixed the issue.  The issue started seemingly out of the blue.  It had worked fine for months then the issue started.  I know of nothing unique happening that could cause this to start happening.

Looking through previous posts, I saw two similar threads, one entitled, "Vision stopped working and is shutting down" on May 13, 2011.  Neither of the threads had a solution.

Does anyone have any ideas?  Visio is basically useless as it stands and up 'till now, I used it extensively. I really need to get it back.

I'm running Visio Standard 2010 on a Dell Latitude E4310 using Widows 7, SP1, 32-bit and 4 GB of RAM.


The copy/paste functionality works OK for me.  You say this is a recent event, prior to which the pasting worked OK?

Did you do Windows updates that coincide with the failure?  Perhaps one of them is the culprit?  Although, my work PC's are up-to-date, Windows 7 and I've not had any problems.  But, from what you describe, sounds like a PC issue.  Can you do a restore back to an earlier time?  Try uninstalling the updates, working backwards?  (Keep track of what you uninstall.)  You might get back to a working environment.  That would pinpoint the offending update.

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There is also the problem of the Bluetooth addon. Google for "Visio Bluetooth" for others reporting this problem and their cure for it.
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What objects are you copy/pasting into Visio?  I have had problems with my users copying reports and visio freezing up.  I would suggest going into excel, and emptying the clipboard.  It allows easy access to office clipboard where all office items hide when copied.  To do this open excel, in home tab (assuming you have 2010)  in the clipboard group there is a small arrow to the right of the group name.  Click on this arrow to bring up your clipboard task pane, select the Clear All button to remove information.  Try your same issues again and watch the pane to see what happens, maybe you can catch an error.


I am getting the same error.  I am using Visio 2007 and am trying to open a file a co-worker created in 2010.  Even if he saves as 2007 the error still comes up for a copy command.  After playing with it for a bit, it appears to happen when copying text.  Is there some sort of fix to this?

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