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Multi column text shape -is there any shape like this?

Started by PF4VisioGuy, November 23, 2012, 05:58:20 PM

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Hi all

Is there any shape like this
Any idea how I could build one ?



I suspect if I needed such a shape that I would just add a couple of vertical list shapes to a container, that or a grid.


Yeah but the idea here is to copy the text from somewhere else and have it pasted in the visio spape and automatically split in two columns
With your suggestion you still have to do the above manually :-(

Paul Herber

I don't think Visio can do anything automatically like this. It's too much like word processing or DTP territory.
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may be i don't understand you ! in attachment my example, it is not cute and have limitations!
this shape is group, include 4 shapes.
Sheet.1 contain from 1 to 15 symbols of parent shape
Sheet.2 contain from 16 to 30 symbols of parent shape
Sheet.3 contain from 31 to 45 symbols of parent shape
Sheet.4 contain from 46 to 60 symbols of parent shape
it has got limitation 60 symbols

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