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Started by bruceam, January 09, 2013, 03:24:48 PM

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I would like to see the Layer Properties window updated. 

I make great use of this feature.  I hate to have to open the layer properties window, select or deselect something, close it, go back to the main editing page and do one or two things, then open the properties window again, and again, and again . . ..  First and foremost, I would like to be able to leave the Layer Properties Window open without impeding any of the normal editing / drawing functions that would be available if it were closed. 

Next, please make the Layer properties window RESIZABLE!!!!!!!!!  As I said, I use a Lot of Layers.  I would be very nice to be able to expand with properties window (or any other pop up window) so I can see the entire list of entries.  I can never understand why the company the brought resizeable windows to the mainstream refuses to make it's dialog boxes and pop up windows resizable!!!!  This last request really goes for any of the related pop up windows (the Layer Assignment Window for example). 

Finally, I would also like to be able to assign the order of the objects or layers on the page.  Presently, one can use the "Back", "Front", "Move Forward", and "Move Backward" commands to set what shape is in front of or behind other shapes.  It would be exceptionally useful to add the "Vertical Order" in the layer stack of an object or all objects on a given layer to the "Layer Properties" window.

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If you have a great need, you could always write your own add-on etc that could do that as an anchor window, you could then pi, resize etc. Not sure if Paul Herbers Super Utilities do that?
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Paul Herber

No, my utilties don't do anything like that. I agree though, a better layers window would be a good idea. I suspect though that the amount of information required to be shown would make this difficult.
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