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Started by Thomas Winkel, October 20, 2012, 12:24:10 PM

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Thomas Winkel


I would really love to have the following features in Visio:

* Sort and filter in external data window exactly like with Excel Autofilter
* This should also work for the most left column where one can see whether a row is linked to a shape or not.
* Edit data in external data window.
* Bidirectional link to shapes (when data in a linked shape changes, this should also change the external data.)
* Internal data: If no external data is required, the data could also be created and stored internal. Therefore the external data window just need some basic Excel features.

I work a lot with external data (Excel).
But in fact, the external excel file is only a means to an end.
Each time data has to be modified I have to start Excel.
For my use-case I would prefer to have everything in one tool (Visio) and in only one file (.vsd).