Author Topic: Connect Data to custom "gridet" shape  (Read 1988 times)

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Connect Data to custom "gridet" shape
« on: September 30, 2012, 03:24:20 AM »
Hello everybody.
First to say, is that i`m new to the forum, and new to Visio at all, but have some task to do with it, and really don`t know where to start with. Sorry if there is similar topic in the forum, but for now, i cant really sinhisise the question, so i don`t know what is the name of the thing that i want to do.
Let me explain.

I want to connect excel sheet with information about a "Shape" and all the positions inside the sape.
But the positions inside the "shape" are not in a table order but randoomly.
In the example I have attached, there is "Shape1" with positions "A1", "A2", "B1", "C1".
Each position has 2 colors, and as far i understaind the best way to control the second color is by putting it as a fill patern.
In the Excel sheet, MAYBE the second color may not be separated by " / " but on a different colum (because it is possible not to have second color...)
The other property of each position is aditional numebr to it. In this case 0.35 of 0.75.

So my cuestion is:
If I have Preconfigured "Shape 1" with all positions, Is it possible to connect excel table with the information about the positions in "shape1" /color, extra text/ And automatically fill them in shape positions.

Thanks for the help, An really sorry if i have given my question wrong, or not good understandable...