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Started by supert8ch, September 27, 2012, 03:58:49 PM

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I took a default shape and copied to new stencil. I was able to get it to display the label that I wanted, I then made more shapes and tried to get them to do the same thing but some how cannot find what the heck I did. Shape 1 is the shape that works like I need it to, other then I need to find out how to fix the label issue. When you drop it and number it then double click on it to edit the text it does not change in the data sheet. You have to right click on it and go to data sheet, this will make a mess if alot of changes are done. As each outlet could have 2 different numbers. But I am trying to get the other shapes to act the same as Shape 1. Any input to help me find my way would be great. Thank you.

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