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Shape context menu with multiple shape selection

Started by AndyW, September 26, 2012, 09:25:27 AM

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As I understand it, after selecting multiple shapes, one of these is the primary shape. Using the right mouse button, the context menu can shown based on this primary shape. This works fine apart from overlapping shapes, see attached example diagram.

If I select an area encompassing the shape labelled 'B' (and the shapes inside), right click on the border of B, gives a context menu for the primary shape.

However, right click on one of the shapes within 'B', this deselects the shapes and selects the outer shape 'A', giving its context menu. This is not what I expected or require!

Anyone have any ideas why this should behave differently.
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Paul Herber

Hi Andy, when you right-click on one of the shapes within B are you sure your mouse cursor is really over a geometry part of the shape? If you are slightly off then this is the effect you will see, especially with shapes like these that have no fill, you have to be quite accurate where you place the mouse.
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My shapes consist of sub shapes and there is in fact no geometry in the top level shapes! My top level shape is really a holder for properties, all the geometry is in my sub shapes.

I stuck a bit of geometry in the top level shape, then the context menu behaves as expected.

Still not sure why it behaves differently if I only select the 2 inner shapes. In that case it doesn't change the selection. As soon as I include the outer shape B in the selection it does.
Live life with an open mind

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