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Pagenumber() funnction dont work as expected

Started by kg9316, August 22, 2012, 11:40:40 PM

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Visio 2010 version 14.0.6112.5000 32 bit and Win 7

Make new Drawing
Make 4 pages
Create a shape on Page-1 (a square)
Open shapesheet
Create a UserDefined cell on this shape User.Row_1
Set the cell formula to =PAGENUMBER()
Now choose to show values not formulas in shapesheet
User.Row_1 shows "1" as expected
Now lets re order pages, drag Page-1 between Page-2 and Page-3, the value now shows "2" as expected
Now drag Page-1 back to the first posistion, the value still shows "2"....

If I now edit the formula simply by placing the coursor after the formula and press enter it will now show page 1 again.
The value is not updated when pagenumbers become lower, only higher..

I off course use the Pagenumber() function in a much more complex formula and nned it to work...

What to do ?..


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