Data Graphics (Text) Question - Positioning!

Started by gpp0, August 01, 2012, 09:55:12 PM

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Hallo there, quite a specific question for my first post - hopefully this is the right section :)

Anyhoo, hope this is descriptive enough - I have a shape, and associated data graphic setup - essentially 4 fields each as a text callout.

Now I can get each one to stack up on top of each other, each text box spanning the width of the shape - easy.

But I don't want that - I need to have 2 groups of 2, so essentially 2 rows for the 4 fields like:


On the bottom row - actually split into two 'text boxes'.. but when I apply the data graphic after editing the master, the layout is all over the place.

Is this actually possible - I was using the callout PinX, PinY's and Width values (even guarded), but when applying, it goes a bit loopy.

Hope this makes sense, and hopefully I'm doing something wrong that is uber simple!