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Architecting Wizard / template for Visio - Excel

Started by brainydexter, May 05, 2008, 05:01:27 PM

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Am relatively new to making wizards in Visio. I have a problem at hand and wanted to know as to how should i approach it..

I have a excel sheet with me with these three mandatory fields
1. Name
2. Id
3. Manager's Id

I want to make an organisational chart out of this (top-down chart with manager being at the top).

I do understand that there is a wizard that already exists, but I want to make my own wizard which works in this fashion..

Step I: The wizard asks for the .xls from which data is to be gathered, which would then be further processed into organisational chart.
Step II: (Assuming that the xls has atleast the first three fields as specified), a organisational chart should then just be drawn based on the given xls. In doing so, I do not have to go through the mundane procedure of identifying fields and other things as we do in the in-built wizard.

I would really appreciate if someone can guide me in the right direction.
Also, please let me know if you want me to explain anything in my query..



8 views and not a single comment..  :(

I am still hoping that someone would post in here to help me...

Visio Guy

Hi brainydexter,

Don't give up so easily, this forum is relatively new, so give it some time to acquire members.

Many questions require a lot of thought and experimentation, so I personally cannot answer all of them, as I too need to earn a living. :) The people who have viewed this post probably didn't know the answer easily "off the top of their heads" either. But hopefully someone will come along who knows the answer to your problem and has a sample read-to-go.

Also, I've written an article on other Visio forums, you might try them as well: Visio Newsgroups and Discussion Boards

The Visio/Microsoft newsgroups have a lot of traffic. I only created this forum because the comments to Visio Guy articles were overloaded, and readers really needed a forum. But Microsoft forums are really the #1 discussion area.

I wish you luck,

- Chris

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