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Some shapes don't allow Ctrl+Click in Web Page

Started by richardhc, July 06, 2012, 03:13:56 PM

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I am using Visio Professional 2010 to create a network diagram and then saving it as a web page. However, by default the Router shape from 'Network and Peripherals (Metric)' doesn't give the option to Ctrl+Click in the web page to show the shape data. If I use format painter to copy formatting from another shape that does allow the Ctrl+Click in a web page then the Router shape does allow Ctrl+Click. However, I don't want all the other formatting from another shape I just want the option to Ctrl+Click. Any ideas where I can set this behaviour? It must be somewhere in the formatting, but where?



Hello Richard,

This is an interesting one.  I was also able to reproduce the problem and I believe this is an issue with the Router shape. 

To summarize the problem:

A tooltip is not displayed when the mouse is over the Router shape from the Network and Peripherals stencil.  (NB it does display onmouseover when over the green light sub-shapes.)

Like most Visio shapes (in stencils at any rate) this is a group shape and it looks like there's a duplicate (outline) shape within the child shapes.  I think the vml interprets this duplicate as canceling the shape based on boolean logic.  The result is that there's nothing to 'mouseover' aside from the five green light shapes (which do display the correct tooltip).  I'm guessing that your Format painter operation changes the fill of one or both shapes and it is then rendered in vml. 

The workaround for this is to modify your Router shape in Visio to remove the offending duplicate shape.  You can do this in either the Document Stencil or, if you're feeling brave the original 'Network and Peripherals' stencil itself.  If you want to modify the original stencil then please make sure you make a copy of the (.vss) file and work on that.  Either way you should try out the document stencil first and make sure it gives you the results you're after.

To modify the document stencil in your Visio document (again, make a backup):

1) Click on the 'More Shapes' arrow in the Shapes window and tick the 'Show Document Stencil' item at the bottom.

2) Once you've dropped at least one Router shape instance on your page you should see the Router master in the document stencil.  Right-click on this and select 'Edit Master / Edit Master Shape'.

3) The master shape should now be visible.  If the Master Explorer window is not open you can view it by checking the respective checkbox in the Show/Hide ribbon group of the Developer tab (see for details)

4) Expand the treeview to see all of the masters children and select the Sheet.33 node (Masters/Router/Shapes/Sheet.5/Shapes/Sheet.33).

5) Right-click on the Sheet.33 node and select 'Delete Shape'.

6) Close the master window and click 'Yes' to the 'Update Router' message.

7) The changes should be propergated through to all of your instance shape but you might want to verify this by publish out to the web once more.

The changes to the document stencil (above) should be good for that particular document, including any additional router shapes you place in the diagram.  If, however, you want to set this behaviour for all new documents then you'll have to change the master in the original stencil, but again, if you do, please make sure you make a backup of the file (.vss) first.

Hope that helps.

Best regards

John Goldsmith - Visio MVP

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